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25 Responses to AFC Adam | America’s #1 Pickup Artist | Full Length HD

  1. zacmondejar says:

    this guy is fucking smart

  2. TheCarouselDoll says:

    If bleach was applied to hair for 8 hours long, there would be no hair on that woman’s head at the end of it. An hour at most.

  3. Own3dRunescaper says:

    i think the students vote..or maybe they vote themselves..

  4. vaildog1 says:

    No one, insults Real Social Dynamics, in front of me.

  5. AndreasIreland says:

    If you follow the PUA world, then you should know that it’s a PUA called Thundercat that ranks all the PUA’s.

  6. Junita Wetzel says:

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  7. Jacob Asghar says:

    is the game upto date?

  8. Induktio1984 says:

    I got 0 of the qualities.. this is fun

  9. MRTEL7777 says:


    look up -








  10. WhiteyHS says:

    Whoever charges the most for workshops, duh! haha jk

  11. Gabriel Fonseca says:

    menage* not manage! lol

  12. Gabriel Fonseca says:

    Completly disagree with the abundance part! I dont wanna brag but im really good at the game, Im from Rio (Brazil) I fucked this year alone 18 girls so far and counting, most of them really hot (some not that much but its part of the game hahaha) and I had a better manage this year them this guy by his story and I almost never go out bringing girls with me. It’s usually me and more a couple of friends and I almost NEVER leave the club without having hooked up with at least one girl!

  13. dclinton2011 says:

    The subtitles don’t match anything he is saying.

  14. mcadder says:

    Nerds showing of to nerds… booring…

  15. NoceurLouche says:

    Why are you watching him then?

  16. oniricmedia says:

    it’s a count of how many STD they have! :D

  17. UnknownMugiwara says:

    Clearly not EVERYONE knows that… Just sayin’
    But I can feel ya :)

  18. HwarangOfFaith says:

    it’s impossible to rate, they’re just shitting it out of their asses.

  19. JerraMai says:

    RSD ftw!!

  20. Semtexftw says:

    your a straight up hater u obviously suck with girls hence your watchin him eat a dick and die

  21. campbpar says:

    Ya man, I had a few moments where I’m like, “this guy’s whole identity revolves around 500 souless cunts.”

  22. Maximiliano Chazarreta says:

    Creo que era humor negro “chiste”..

  23. mikelucas3622 says:

    your mad because your black

  24. revgilmore says:

    not sure but i think its AFC-PUA in training-PUA-Master PUA-Guru

  25. David Paredes says:

    this turned out weird when he said he was the best gay friend straight

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