Question by Robert W: Is it this easy to make money to pay off your creditors??
I am working with a group that has helped me net about $ 500 per month with not very much work. (you can visit them here… ). What I’m wondering is if there is any other programs out there that may work in the same way this one does.…

I don’t have to do advertising, phone calls, build websites, etc… only do some referring which is relatively easy to do. Does anyone know of a BONAFIDE company that works like this one?

I’ll give you an example. The company I use right now does all the advertising for you. It costs $ 10 a month, and all you have to do is get people to click to their website. Once that is done they take care of all the advertising and other details. It’s an incredible program and I don’t have to sit in front of my computer for hours trying to make it work.

Ive tried the surveys, adclicks, all kinds of other programs on the net. This works, does yours?

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Answer by nvnissay
I don’t think you should trust them, sometime they pay you just to get you to pay alot more money to them so watch out.

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3 Responses to Is it this easy to make money to pay off your creditors??

  1. roxy10 says:

    If you can to pay to join that I don’t think it’s any good.

  2. Kelly V says:

    I’ll have to check this out thx!

  3. hardware time says:

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